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Where to go to (ferry) from Nice…

Ferry crossings to Nice > I was wrong. I thought that there was a ferry from Nice to Calvi. They have a flight, but not by ferry. 


From Nice to Corsica (in order of my personal preference):

  • Ajaccio > This is a further trip, but Ajaccio is a very nice village. It’s been years since I’ve been there (it was actually my first time to Corsica), so I can’t really remember much to share.

  • Ile Rousse > We’ve been here twice and it’s a cute village. It is a driving distance to Calvi or Lumio (within 25-30 minutes). Not far. 

  • Bastia > I don’t recommend this place. While it’s the capital of Corsica, I just have never heard great things about it. Sort of like Sacramento.


Where to stay…

Casa Legna is the ecolodge (owned by the 2 boho Corsican girls) you can share with another couple. Each lodge houses 2 bedrooms. The village, Pigna, is an amazing little village with cute restaurants and places to have a drink. The views are to die for. You can walk to the village from Casa Legna. 


Pietra Nova is where we stayed (twice). We loved it so much!
If you think you might want to stay there, let me know and I’ll send a message to Nathalie Bourgogne (the owner). Nathalie has a friend who creates pottery and you’ll see some of those pieces in the kitchen. We drove to the pottery place and bought a few things. Very cute place. You’d like it.


Where to eat…

In Pigna, near Ile Rousse, down the street from Casa Legna is a pop-up pizza place that has super yummy pizza and homemade panna cotta. The owner is Jean-Francois. 


In Lumio, my favorite restaurant is Le Matahari. That’s the place we would go eat dinner. You can also hang out during the day on the beach “matelats” (in English, these are the lounge chairs on the beach). The food never disappointed. You do need a reservation. Jerome is the owner.


Where to hang out (beach)...

  • Ile Rousse

  • Sant’Ambroggio (this is the one near Club Med)

  • Plage du Rocher (this is the one I love with the boulders) - this is in Lumio

  • Arinella Beach is another favorite in Lumio


If you want to chill at the spa...

If you want to treat yourself, there’s this cool hotel (Hotel Kansano) where Jose could hang out by the pool and have a drink and read a book while you go to the spa (Casanera). Spas in France (Corsica) are WAY better than here in the U.S. And less expensive!


I love that spa! There’s a flower (Immortelle) > it’s supposed to be a great anti-aging ingredient and it’s primarily grown in Corsica among the “maquis” (this is the “wild landscape”). 


Where to buy groceries…


In Lumio, there’s a couple of good places. I can’t remember the names, but you’ll see them on the map. Not far to drive to from Nathalie’s house, for example. They have a wide variety of vegetables, bread, and wine.


Good to know…


You’ll see many of the signs will be in French and a mix of French-Italian (the mix that represents Corsicans). 


Calvi is not as big as Nice, but it’s a nice village to explore. It’s got the castle fortress and lots of shops and restaurants. 


The Corsicans are slightly rude because they highly dislike the French tourists, mostly. Nathalie is not Corsican, but her boyfriend is. (He takes some warming up to.) 


Watch out for pickpockets in Calvi. Calvi has LOADS of restaurants and shops. At night there’s live music at some spots. You can walk along the marina. You’ll see old men playing pétanque (bocci ball). It’s really cute.

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